Phillip Island & District Historical Society

Our amazing treasurer!

Last updated on 25-Jun-21

Every community organisation needs a core of dedicated people. Our society is no exception. One of our most dedicated committee members is our Treasurer who is also our Accessions Officer which means she handles all historical item donations, keeps track of all registered items on the database she created, and works with her volunteers to catalogue thousands of images onto the Victorian collections website. Over the last six months or so she has been pivotal in the sorting and pack up of the societies collection. 


And of course she keeps the committee up-to-date monthly with the financial situation and provides the members with quarterly updates as well as organising the auditing of her annual financial report. Judy also operates as membership officer and handles all monetary donations to the society. 


Judy is an adventurous spirit so tackled the barge trip from Corinella to French Island with fellow society members Bruce Proctor and then Sec Christine Grayden to help author Angela Borelli launch her book: the Forgotten Island, a social history of French Island. It was a most interesting day visiting the biggest Island in Western Port, which is seldom visited by Phillip Islanders. 



Angela wrote her book with funding from the Public Records Office of Victoria Local History Grant Program, which involved Judy keeping track of lots of expenditure items. The society has another similar grant for an oral history project at the moment, for which Judy is also administering the financial side. The society has had many grants over the years, all of which Judy has managed the finances for. She’s amazing!

Photo taken in 2016 at the book launch venue, an old French Island Homestead turned into a winery. left to right: Angela, Bruce, Judy, Christine.