Phillip Island & District Historical Society

Pack up starts soon!

Last updated on 07-Nov-20

It's official - we have until February to pack up our museum and the rest of the collection and transfer it all into storage until the new Cowes Cultural Centre is complete and we can move into our new spaces! We certainly have lots of work ahead of us, recording, wrapping, boxing and labelling. If you would like to help, contact our secretary Pam Rothfield via email:

Meanwhile, a team of our committee are carefully going through our 6 filing cabinets to sort the files and de-accession any records we no longer need to keep. Rest assured, no collection Phillip Island items are being de-accessioned at this point. Only items that do not relate to the island, or are non-essential society records. Photo shows Bev, Judy and John hard at work going through the files.