Phillip Island & District Historical Society


Last updated on 27-Jun-19

Last night (26.6.19) society members John Eddy and Christine Grayden attended the Australian Museums and Galleries Association Victoria's museum awards evening at the National Gallery of Victoria. They were very pleased when the list of finalists came up on the big screen for the Volunteer Award to see that our 1868 Ballot Re-enactment from last year was one of the five finalists. This is a great effort, and congratulations to all involved in the re-enactment last November. It is excellent to have this acknowledgment of our hard work and inventiveness towards the re-enactment event, which attracted an audience of 250 people. The MC for the awards night was comedian Lawrence Leung, pictured here with Christine after the awards. It was a great awards event and we thank AMAGAVic for holding the awards each year.