Phillip Island & District Historical Society

Reorganisation of museum

Last updated on 29-Aug-18


If you haven't visited the society's museum at 89 Thompson Avenue Cowes, Heritage Centre building, for a while you are in for a surprise! The museum has been re-organised with two display stands decommissioned and most others rearranged to make the museum completely accessible to mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walkers and prams. We have two new displays - one on Phillip Island wildlife and one on Mrs Oswin Roberts and Edward - on a triangle natural history panel with geology. Our touchscreen with 6 topics - Surfing, Guest Houses, local Indigenous words, Farming, Artists Past and Present and Shipwrecks - is up and running smoothly and of course our DVD is still available to watch or purchase. Our big front desk that so blocked the view of the museum from the entry door has been turned at right angles, and the book shelves which were against the windows and blocking out the garden and the light, have been moved to the east brick wall which is much better for the books. The museum is open on Thursday and Saturday from 10 a.m. - 12 noon, and also Tuesday mornings during the school holidays. Do drop in and say Hello to our friendly volunteers on duty!

Photos show new layout of some areas before the displays were put in place.