Phillip Island & District Historical Society

Touchscreen in musem

Last updated on 16-Jun-18

Thanks to our wonderful computer guru Simon Eddy, and our sub-commitee members who worked so hard on this project, we now have a touchscreen operational in the museum. Containing six topics - Local Aboriginal words, Surfing, Guest houses, Farming, Shipwrecks and Artists Past and Present - the touchscreen is easily navigated by clear icons and includes images, text and spoken text. Each image can be easily enlarged by touch to fill the 22 inch screen, so it is great for people with low vision. The spoken text volume can be adjusted, so great for people with hearing problems. Our volunteers who read the captions, which Simon also recorded for us, speak clearly and slowly, so each caption can be heard distrinctly. Thanks also to Pamela Rothfield who 'acted' in the "How to use this touchscreen" video (filmed by Simon and volunteer John Eddy) for us. The touchscreen was trialled this morning by seven visitors, who all declared it a great success and very easy to use. This project, which has been so useful for both the committee and sub-committee, and also for Simon who taught himself JavaScript computer language in order to develop the program, was funded by a Phillip Island Community Benefit Fund. Photo shows committee members from left: Gaye Cleeland, John Jansson, Julie Box, and Christine Grayden, with the touchscreen during a training session for vounteers. Also shown are visitors Raymond, and, secondly, Dianne and Sally, happily using the touchscreen this morning.