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Cowes Primary students visit

Last updated on 24-Jul-17

The museum was visited today (24.7.17) by about 80 students and accompanying adults from grades 3 and 4 of Cowes Primary School. The students came in three separate groups for over an hour each. They watched the History of Phillip Island DVD, then had a talk from Christine Grayden (our secretary) about life before plastic and electricity, then moved into the museum where they busily answered their question sheets with help from Anne, Cheryl and Christine. Children never cease to amaze us. An example today was when one boy (about 10 years old) asked if the Captain had used the old toothbrush Christine showed them. When she answered "It certainly looks as though he used it", the boy responded: "Then it would have his DNA on it". Amazing! Anne, Cheryl and Christine were very impressed with the children's good manners, curiosity and obedience to their teachers. Thanks for visiting Cowes Primary!