Phillip Island & District Historical Society

Changing Times group visits

Last updated on 02-Nov-16

Today (Thur 3.11.16) our museum hosted a group from "Changing Times" on the Mornington Peninsula who are working on putting together a video of memories from the Western Port area. This was a reconaissance visit to seek our advice from all of the oral history work we have done for the past few years for the radio 3MFM series, and the 30 interviews conducted by Angela Borelli for her book The Forgotten Island. The group led by George Petridis (on right in photo) heard excerpts from the 3MFM talks, watched a draft of the History of Phillip Island DVD to get pointers on video editing technique, and had a good look around the museum. They went off with lots of great ideas and inspiration. As secretary I (Christine Grayden) organised their visit and helped them out in the museum. We look forward to getting a copy of their DVD when they have completed it.