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All of June Cutter's "Guesthouses on Phillip Island" book now on the website

Last updated on 08-Apr-22

Thanks to our volunteers, the whole of the popular 1980s book "Guesthouses on Phillip Island, A History" by the late June Cutter has now been scanned and uploaded into the Essays and Talks section of this website. Our apologies for some of the chapters being out of order - they were being scanned and uploaded as volunteers were available, so we got a bit out of synchronization! But rest assured, it is all here. We are hoping to add a Search function to the website soon, which will make finding the individual chapters easier for you all. Our thanks to June's family for giving us permission to upload this most interesting and informative book. June specialised in finding and interviewing anyone and everyone with memories to share about the island's history, so this book is full of wonderful detail from lots of sources.