Phillip Island & District Historical Society

Council meeting 22.3.22 votes to accept Heritage Overlay updated listings and Thematic History

Last updated on 24-Mar-22


At the council meeting on Wednesday 24th March, the Bass Coast Shire Council voted to accept the Bass Coast Heritage Gaps Review and Prioritisation Framework - Final Report; Bass Coast Thematic Environmental History (TEH) - Final Report dated 20.01.22; and the 2022 01 21 Bass Coast Shire - Heritage Overlay (Clause 43.01). Together these documents provide a major updating of post-contact heritage protection for Bass Coast. We are hoping the documents will be made public soon, so that we can see if any further Phillip Island buildings, features, monuments, etc, are now covered by heritage overlays, and read the updated themes now considered relevant to the area's history. The society made major submissions on both the heritage places - including 24 major individual heritage buildings, places, etc, and a detailed listing including images of a further 28 we consider of heritage value - and thematic history revision. To give you an idea of the amount of leg work and research involved in making a submission for heritage overlay, here is one example: part of the 6-page submission by the society regarding the plaque on the site where the first Phillip Island bridge met the island foreshore, and information about the stolen plaque donated to the society several years ago which solved the mystery of the missing 2nd plaque that had been removed from the mounting holding the remaining plaque. Photos show view of the plaque area, and the existing plaque.