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Curioser and Curioser - our latest GM featued some puzzles

Last updated on 18-Mar-22



Following the theme of this year National Trust Heritage Festival, our "Curiosity" General Meeting on Tuesday was loads of fun which challenged all present to work out what an object was, or what a photo was about, or where it was taken. About a dozen objects/photos were displayed and listed on a quiz sheet, and after the answers were marked and tallies counted, a few lucky winners went home with some chocolates. Some of the curious objects included this multi-colored vase, an old strawberry huller, a long-pronged silver sponge cutter and a tiny triangular oil burner lamp - well, we think that's what it is! One of our members brought this photo of her and her husband riding an elephant, and asked members where the photo could have been taken. Turns out it was during their tour of Chitwan National Park in Nepal. The pictured sculpture of shell emu and friends in landscape of wood, rock and twisted metal strapping made by member, the late Stan Gittus, was certainly among the more extraordinary 'curious' objects on display. Thanks for everyone who came along and brought the objects,and everyone for joining in the challenge. Also to secretary Pam for organising the quiz.