Ferries come and go in quick succession

Last updated on 16-Nov-20

The Jeremiah Ryan, a catamaran, arrived from Brisbane to replace the Eagle Star on 10 January 1979. It proved difficult to get passengers on and off so she was replaced by the James McCabe on 21 January. McCabe was 64 feet, built at Hobart in 1973 by Sullivan Cove Ferry Company and ran for three months. From June 1979 the old-fashioned ferry Ku Ring Gai II commenced on the Western Port run.  She was built as the Wangi Wangi, 43/29 tons 62x17 feet, ON 171257, built at Berry’s Bay in 1924 by W. L. Holmes & Co., North Sydney,.



Companionway, Ku Ring Gai II.

Photo: John Jansson.


This beautiful ferry was burnt in suspicious circumstances on April 9 1980, and after breaking her mooring and smashing up on the rocks at Beaumaris, her remains were burnt on the beach in 1981.