The three "Stars" of Western Port ferries

Last updated on 16-Nov-20

The first replacement ferry was the Sunrise Star which arrived in December1948, but being a single decker was unsuitable at the jetties and returned to Sydney September 1949. Next was the Ferry Estelle 85/58 tons, 79.9x20.3x7.5 feet, ON 171236, built at Brisbane Water by Gordon Beattie in 1927.She also arrived in December 1948 and ran here for ten years. 


Possibly the best-known ferry for the second half of the twentieth century was the Eagle Star. Ferry Eagle Star 57/30 tons, 72.7/80x17x8.2 feet, ON 171230, 300 passenger, hull only built at Brisbane Water by Gordon Beattie for N. D. Hegarty and Son in 1936 and arrived in Western Port in 1949 where, apart from a stint in the 1950s as a fishing boat, she served as ferry until 1978, when she sank off Cowes on Dec 31 1978.



Estelle Star in Western Port






Estelle Star stern and lifeboat




Q6J0fWnB3365WPtrKKHDC3CzoMBI530vlfhSH7Ce.jpegEagle Star as so many people knew her





Eagle Star sinking off Cowes. Photo: Filmpro Laboratories