The Killara vehicular ferry

Last updated on 16-Nov-20


Killara vehicular ferry - cars offloading at Cowes jetty

Vehicular ferry Killara 309 tons, 131/145.5x38.5x11 feet, ON 125222, 38 vehicle capacity, built by D. Drake Ltd, Balmain, NSW for Sydney Ferries Limited for the Milson’s Point - Point Macquarie run.  Launched 26 Aug 1909 and expected to be in commission in six weeks.  She served in Western Port from 1933-1943. Biggest day for the Killara was the car races in 1937 when 7,000 day return passengers were carried.  An observer estimated that 3,000 souls packed themselves aboard on the first return trip.



Killara. Photo:  Victorian Railways, State Library of Victoria



Killara leaving Cowes packed with passengers




Steam whistle form Killara



Killara backing into Cowes jetty to offload vehicles