Narrabeen ferry

Last updated on 16-Nov-20

Ferry Narrabeen 239/98 tons, 110x26.8x9.2 feet, ON 150164, built at Mort’s Dock, Balmain by Drake’s Ltd. for Port Jackson and Manly Steamship Co.  Used for cargo carrying between Woolloomooloo and Manly.  Was used in Western Port from 1928-1932. She was sold to Tasmania, and eventually wrecked on Goose Island, Bass Strait, on Nov 24 1958.

kV7kp5XD0oMyTaAtPhfu2vav6r3dKiEjuOviKhLq.jpeg"Queer cargo for Cowes" included these circus elephants, which were used to travelling on trains and ships as the circus travelled around from town to town. The ferries frequently carried livestock as well as people, mail and goods.