The former luxury yacht turned ferry; The Alvina

Last updated on 16-Nov-20

The cargo ferry Oscar, renamed Ventnor on arrival here, had a short run from 1923-24 but was laid up as being too expensive to run.


Steam yacht Alvina 194/132 tons, 148/138.8x20.2x 11.7 feet, ON 92050, built 1887 at Calshott, near Southampton, England by Oswald Mordaunt. Operated as the island’s ferry from 1925-1938. The Alvina was a fine looking vessel, as can be seen in this photo:











Allvina at Cowes jetty, 1928

ixPGYyRzejAym2FcGdHUwgRttyYwGfB6czbwYLPh.jpegSS Alvina, port bow on