the Genista

Last updated on 16-Nov-20

Ferry Genista 83 tons, 80/91x19.5x7.5 feet, ON 93522, built at Lavender Bay, Sydney in 1886 by James Halstead under the supervision of William Dunn for Mr. Perdriau.  Used initially on the daily Gosford-Sydney run until late Jun 1887.Genista served in Western Port from 1889-1932. The Genista featured in several instances of rescuing other vessels in distress, such as on Nov 12 1905: “Steamer Queenscliff  broke down 9 miles WSW of Cape Woolamai in a gale owing to bursting of the high pressure cylinder.  She managed to sail close to Cape Woolamai from where Captain McLeod was able to tow her to a safe anchorage with the Genista.  The captain has telegraphed the agents for a tug to tow her to Melbourne.”



Genista carrying a wagon and jinker




Photograph looking along Rhyll Jetty with the Ferry "Genista" and the Schooner "Stephen" and the Ketch "Vision" tied up at the end.



Genista, 1915



Farewelling Genista during WW1, 1917



Genista leaving with streamers and waving passengers, 1917


qs6DSFwoepEeUq2hUDa1ZfnRHvhoRQ9TGwqYdibq.jpegGenista crew: captain kerr, h. kirkland, g. kendall, mcneil, j. jansson, 1919.