Phillip Island & District Historical Society

Oral history talks are now on the internet

Last updated on 02-Apr-16

The oral history talks about Phillip Island and San Remo that the society did in conjunction with community radio station 3MFM are now on the internet. Go to and choose from the list of talks. You can simply copy and paste the address into your browser URL bar. You can hear the talks for free just as they were broadcast on 3MFM. These talks won the society the Volunteer Museum category of the Museums Australia Victoria museums awards last year, and have now been entered into the national awards. Thanks to Simon Eddy, our website producer, for putting the talks all up on Soundcloud for us. Photo shows one of the speakers, Cherry McFee at left, with co-ordinator of the project, Christine Grayden, at right, in the 3MFM studios.