Golf architect visits the society

Last updated on 12 July 2016

Recently the museum was visited by golf enthusiast Dr John Green and golf architect and historian, Neil Crafter, to engage in research on the Summerland Golf Course from the 1930s to approx 1950s. There to help him were PIDHS members Julie Box, whose father had helped build the course, and Howard Jones, whose grandfather Rees Jones was the professional on the course for some years. Howard had the club's honor board and a cup won on the course. John Jansson also came to offer his research on

the course. The society has the original of the course design map, signed by the designer Alex Russell. John and Neil are writing a book on Alex Russell, and Neil has also written the draft of an article about the Summerlands Golf Course for the journal 'Golf Architecture'. 

Photo by Sarah Hudson from the Phillip Island & San Remo Advertiser shows:John Jansson and Julie Box, with cup (PIDHS), Howard Jones holding the club's honor board, Dr John Green, Neil Crafter, and Cathy Jones.


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