Our Historic Chairs

Last updated on 12 February 2015

The large table and old chairs in the centre of our museum space date from early in the twentieth century and are believed to have come from a Melbourne bank board room. They were acquired by the Shire of Phillip Island in the early 1930s and used until the new Civic Centre was built and opened in 1978. The Shire then gave the table and chairs, including the Shire President’s chair, to the society, which transferred them to the Heritage Centre when it opened in 1982. Recently the society received a Bass Coast Shire Council Community Grant to reupholster and repair the old chairs, which was done during January 2015. The original coir stuffing will be retained and bolstered with foam plastic where necessary. Committee member Graeme Clauscen has already buffed the chairs’ woodwork. While the chairs were away being repaired, Bass Coast Shire Council lent us replacement chairs so that visitors could still sit and relax and enjoy the wonderful collection of old photos on the table. Photo shows one of the chairs after reupholstering.

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