Phillip Island Country Fire Authority

Last updated on 3 April 2015

PHILLIP ISLAND COUNTRY FIRE AUTHORITY. PICFA member Rodney Beale was speaker on Wednesday 5th June 2013:


(Old definition of Urban and Rural

Fire Brigades:

Reticulated water in town = Urban

The Rest = Rural)

Brigade formed by reclassification from Phillip Island Rural Fire Brigade



The brigade currently has:

Current issues:

  1. The population explosion on the island. Ignorance of Council by-laws , the CFA fire regulations, and the Traffic Act ( by new and existing residents and visitors)
  2. Traffic on the island. Roads blocked by tourist and event traffic, as well as changes to roads. Isolation due to geography, delayed support.
  3. Obtaining and retaining volunteers ( a Victoria wide issue). The change in work and personal requirements
  4. The modern complexity of fires and  incidents.
  5. OHS Issues with current fire station, awaiting a new fire station to be built in 5 to 10 years, plus temporary fixes.
  6. Aging fire fighters (the Baby Boomers)

       and the Gen X,Y,Z attitudes to volunteerism.

  1. Workload on Volunteers – including  servicing Brigade, Group, District, Region, State-wide issues and requirements.


What can YOU do?


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